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What it is
Biggestpricedrop.com lets you sort all the products from your favorite stores by how much they've recently dropped in price. You can also sort by "newest first" or "price" or do a keyword search through all the products we track.
Whether you're looking for what just went on sale or what's new or something very specific, we can save you a lot of time. Instead of checking up on each of your favorite stores individually, you can check them all in one place - biggestpricedrop.com!
How it works
More than 10 times a day, our site checks the prices of every item from all of our stores. It calculates the price changes across three date ranges: in the last 2 days, in the last 7 days, in the last 30 days; you simply choose the Categories and Stores you're interested in and our site displays the results sorted by "Biggest Price Drop ™."
The best deals will automatically bubble to the top!
Why it's cool
1) Real price changes - When we detect a price change for an item, we calculate the item's discount by using its most recent selling price as the denominator, not the MSRP (unless that was the most recent selling price). By doing this, we can provide information that is based on actual price changes.
For example, say a product's MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) is $100 but it has been priced at $50 for a few weeks. One day, the price drops from $50 to $45. Other price tracking sites may report this as a 55% discount (since it's now $55 less than the original, $100). However, since we baseline each calculation with the most recent selling price, our calculated discount would only be 10% ($5 / $50).
So when we report that something dropped by 65% in the last 2 days, it really dropped by 65%!!! And since 65% is its real disount in the last 2 days, its "total discount" may be even higher! However, you will notice that you can't sort by the "total discount" (although the total discount is shown on each product) because sorting by the "total discount" wouldn't take into account the "freshness" of a price drop. Sorting by "total discount" would also obscure real discounts in the sea of products that are perennially on sale or marketed with an unrealistsically high MSRP.
2) It's fresh - Since we constantly update every product's discount over the three date ranges (in the last 2 days, in the last 7 days, in the last 30 days), the discounts you see are always fresh!
For example, say a product's price just dropped by 75%. This product will immediately show up on all three date ranges (as a 75% discount). But AFTER 2 days, it will no longer show up on the "in the last 2 days" results, since it has not been discounted "in the last 2 days." It will continue to show up as a 75% discount on other date ranges (7 days and 30 days) until it exceeds those dates.
The freshest deals (and your best chance at getting the product before it gets sold out) will be found with the "in the last 2 days" sort. The longer date ranges are useful if you haven't been on the site in a few days and you want to see the deals you may have missed. You will always find more deals with the "in the last 30 days" sort (since discounts in the last 2 days and 7 days are inclusive to the 30 days) but those discounts can be up to 30 days old so the products may be sold out or only available in limited sizes or colors.
3) Standardized categories - Almost every store that we process categorizes their products differently. Some have different names for various categories, some have a completely different heirarchy of categories, some just categorize things incorrectly and some just don't send any category information at all!
Well, we've managed to wrangle everyone's products into what we think is a logical heirarchy. It was a lot more difficult than originally imagined and it's not perfect but the important thing is, it works! So now a user can select "Women > Apparel > Dresses" and see the results from multiple stores on one page. The categories also work with the "text search" feature of the site.
4) Saves time - If you're looking for something specific, our site will be even more helpful. Since you can choose the specific category you want just one time on our site, it saves you from going to each store's site and navigating through each of their categories. This also works for our keyword search feature - choose the stores and categories you want the search through and "Boom" you're done.
Terms and Conditions
The price changes that this site calculates are proprietary and unique to this site. Therefore, the results from these calculations are copyrighted. Scraping information from this site is strictly prohibited. Deals found on our site may be freely shared as long as they are not modified.
All product names, product descriptions and product pictures are not sourced from this site. They are sourced from our partner stores so we cannot guaranteed their accuracy.
Availablity, current price and current category of products cannot be guaranteed. The data on this site is frequently updated but products sometimes sellout before our update.
Biggest Price Drop may receive a commission for purchases that are made after clicking through to our partner's site.